Industrial Solutions

The Research and Development Wing at SPS specialises in delivering advanced industrial services, showcasing expertise in Visual Inspection of Structures, Thermal Inspection, NDT Ultrasonic Testing through UAVs and Crawlers, and Safety Solutions for Industries.

Visual Inspection of Industrial Structures:

Our team conducts detailed visual assessments of high-rise structures, employing advanced techniques to ensure structural integrity. This service entails a comprehensive analysis of various industrial assets using high resolution imaging, hence providing valuable insights for its
maintenance and enhancement.

NDT Ultrasonic Testing through UAVs and Crawlers:

Illustrating pioneering accomplishments with a record height of 90 metres and inspecting assets even at high temperatures, our NDT Ultrasonic Testing is seamlessly executed through Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Magnetic Crawlers. This innovative approach enhances efficiency and safety, allowing for precise, non-destructive testing in challenging and elevated environments. The inclusion of Rovers, magnetic crawlers, extends our capabilities to ground-level inspections, enhancing the versatility of our services.

Thermal Inspection of Industrial Structures:

Harnessing advanced thermal imaging technology, our Thermal Inspection services are tailored to identify and quantify variations in temperature within structures. This enables the detection of potential issues such as insulation gaps, electrical inefficiencies, and structural anomalies, allowing for proactive maintenance and risk mitigation.

Safety Solutions for Industries

R&D is committed to developing proprietary solutions tailored for internal use, aimed at fortifying safety standards within our industrial operations. Notably, our portfolio includes two pivotal deployments: the Safety Helmet Camera, providing ground-level personnel with visual oversight of elevated structures, and the Safety Anemometer with an in-built hazard warning system at high wind speeds. These advancements underscore SPS’s dedication to optimising workplace safety and operational efficacy across diverse industrial environments.

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