Specialty Products and Services (SPS) is a leader in industrial work at heights and in confined spaces. SPS has executed over 4.5 million person-hours of work at height. Services offered include inspection, repair, maintenance, and painting using IRATA-certified rope access technicians, motorised suspended platforms, work positioning nets, drone-based services, etc.


To access heights and hard-to-reach areas for asset maintenance, Rope Access system is a very safe, versatile and ergonomic positioning method.

Working at height has traditionally depended on scaffolds which take time to erect and dismantle, are often unsafe and cannot be erected beyond relatively low heights. This eliminates the possibility of reaching critical assets such as chimneys, bunkers, conveyors and address short window shutdown jobs using scaffolds. Rope Access imposes almost no restrictions and enables reaching all areas quickly, safely and cost-effectively making it an ideal choice for work positioning.

Rope Access method is governed by highly stringent international standards and periodic audits such as the world leading International Rope Access Trading Association (IRATA) standard and Society of  Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). SPS is member of both organisations.




Inspection is an essential precursor for the repair and maintenance of industrial assets. SPS undertakes various kinds of inspections on civil and structural assets, both non-destructive and destructive. These include visual inspection, ultrasonic pulse velocity test, rebound hammer test, core test, chloride, sulfate, and carbonation test, half-cell potential test, crack test, rebar mapping, ultrasonic thickness measurement, dye penetration test and others. These tests are supported by SPS’s innovative, non-scaffold-based height access methods, which have been enhanced by the use of drones and remotely controlled robots for inspection.


SPS executes repairs and refurbishments at height on civil and structural assets. Through a sustained drive for creative solutions, we have established a proven track record of often eliminating the need for system downtime and significantly saving operational costs for customers.
SPS teams are able to respond and ramp up quickly for shutdown-based assignments, and leverage work positioning methods such as rope access that minimise or eliminate process downtime.


specialised coatings


Surface preparation and painting at height is a core specialisation of SPS. Apart from employing common practices of surface preparation, we have pioneered dustless grit blasting that ensures a high quality of surface preparation, without generating clouds of dust, prior to painting.
SPS has an extensive offering of industrial coatings for various kinds of surfaces (civil and structural) and for different climates and corrosion factors.


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