Specialty Products and Services (India)

IRATA CERTIFIED Specialists in work at height and confined spaces

Specialty Products and Services (India) is a leader in industrial work at height and confined spaces. SPSI has executed over 200,000 person-hours of work at height.

Services offered include inspection, repair and maintenance and painting using IRATA certified Rope Access technicians, motorised suspended platforms, work positioning nets, drone based services etc. The advantage of using these non-scaffold based methods is in the unrivaled speed and safety with which technicians can reach and perform complex tasks with little or no impact on operations. 

SPSI serves the iron & steel, power, aluminum, petrochemical, cement and mining sectors amongst other industrial establishments.

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Inspection is an essential precursor for repair and maintenance of industrial assets. SPSI undertakes various kinds of inspection on civil and structural assets both non-destructive and destructive. these include visual inspection, ultrasonic pulse velocity test, rebound hammer test, core test, chloride/sulphate/carbonation test, half cell potential test, crack test, rebar mapping, ultrasonic thickness measurement, dye penetration test etc.

These tests are underpinned by SPSI’s innovative, non-scaffold based height access methods and have been further extended by application of drones to undertake inspection.


SPSI executes repairs and refurbishment at height on civil and structural assets. Through a sustained drive for creative solutions, we have established a proven track record of often eliminating the need for system downtime and significantly saving operational costs for customers. SPSI teams have a quick response and ramp up time for shut down based assignments and strive towards minimisation of downtime.


Surface preparation and painting at height is a core specialization of SPSI. We have pioneered dustless grit blasting that ensures the best quality of surface preparation prior to painting. SPSI has an extensive offering of industrial coatings for various kinds of surfaces (civil and structural) and for various climates and corrosion factors. In collaboration with Tata Steel’s graphene division SPSI offers painting services using graphene based industrial coatings which offer unmatched corrosion protection.

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